What if you had access to people, resources and know-how you need to evaluate and help implement most creative ideas?

We believe defining the right strategy from the outset is the key to building strong, sustainable businesses.

We are an ultimate choice for early stage companies in their entrepreneurial journey. A strong purpose helps drive growth – we provide funding and vast expertise in business development to support you in this route.



UltimateVC brings value by getting deeply involved in businesses, working with founders to execute and further develop business strategy, streamline business processes, enhance and develop teams, get properly structured and prepared for the next big round!

We are experienced entrepreneurs ourselves who understand the challenges of building a company. We advocate for companies to have a clear goal and help navigate towards it. We invest in people and believe that curious, motivated and focused founders can make any venture a success.

We invest into companies that challenge current business practices based on technology-enabled solutions. We have no sector preference; as long as a business can pioneer change and grow into a market leading position, we are there to help.

We do not seek complex investment structures. Founders need to run businesses 24/7 and not be worried about being outplayed by VCs through their “smart” investment agreements. We don’t believe in preference shares or other structures that provide downside protection in many different ways. We align our interests with interests of founders from day one, and work with them daily to make their businesses great!


  • StreetBee 1 / 4

    StreetBee - a crowdsourced image recognition platform. StreetBee combines crowdsourcing and machine learning to provide data in real time.

  • SkillBox 2 / 4

    SkillBox – a leading platform for supplementary and additional education. Motivate yourself, learn new professions online, get connected with potential employers.

  • MNFST 3 / 4

    MNFST – an online marketplace for commercial and non-profit social media ads available to billions of users on multiple social networks. It's the world's first crowd-promotion platform.

  • IntellectoKids

    IntellectoKids 4 / 4

    IntellectoKids – #1 brand in digital parenting. IntellectoKids creates mobile apps for parents of 3-6yo kids that help parents with different parenting needs & children activities such as preparation for school, putting kids to bed, parenting advice & much more!



  • Andrey Kondratyuk Managing Partner

    I believe in fairness, perseverance, and the power of people. For a startup, everything else - even business ideas and the market - is secondary. Individual tenacity, focus and perseverance make startups succeed. Fairness towards employees, clients and users make such success a lasting one.


    I have started my venture journey after over 15 years in investment banking. Before co-founding Ultimate, I have worked for JPMorgan, Deutsche Bank, VTB Capital. I’ve participated in various landmark transactions and saw through a considerable amount of investments. Through this experience, I learned from various industry leaders how businesses should be organised and operated for optimal performance. While studying at Yale, I learned about a game called Ultimate Frisbee. This game focuses on self-officiating, even at the highest levels of competition. Ultimate relies on the sportsmanship of players to maintain fair play, no referee is needed. Our fund follows such "Spirit of the Game", we strongly believe in team play and self-discipline.

  • Evgeny Zaltsman Managing Partner

    Throughout my life and professional career I am lucky enough to deal with honest, sincere and decent people. It is my strong belief that we build our social network ourselves and whenever those, who share same values, get together, the force is with them and it is only a matter of time before they succeed.


    Over the last 15 years, I invested, structured, managed and turned around substantial businesses, including ones that are listed on international stock exchanges. In investment banking, private equity or venture investments that I was part of key to success was always the same: a clear and well-defined goal that is shared by the team. Motivation is maximized when investors and the management team are aligned on the business purpose and key steps to achieve it. I was lucky enough to be on both sides already and am full of energy to continue to support founders and their teams to outperform. My passion for Frisbee goes back to early childhood. At high school with best friends we were polishing up our freestyle skills on a daily basis to a point when a program dedicated to Frisbee appeared on MTV Russia with us describing the rules and key techniques. Very much like the venture business, Ultimate is a sport that has little entry barriers, but actually requires competence, dedication and true team play to win.


  • Andrey Anitschenko (SkillBox co-founder)

    When choosing a vc fund it is highly important to partner which people who bring additional expertise to accelerate development. For us the choice was all about Andrey and Evgeny – who have substantial business expertise and strong personal qualities. Together we became much stronger in business execution and decision making. Soft power, not bureaucracy, differentiates a true leader from imitation.

    Andrey Anitschenko (SkillBox co-founder)
  • Andrey Eliseev (StreetBee co-founder)

    We feel that Zhenya and Andrey have been our partners from the very beginning. Even prior to Ultimate’s investment we often jointly discussed StreetBee’s strategy and the overall business. Once shareholders they got themselves very much involved in the business and were not afraid to get their hands “dirty” helping to streamline various business processes. Building a strong, lasting company is tough, and initial investors must 100% provide additional value, not just funding – Ultimate is all about it.

    Andrey Eliseev (StreetBee co-founder)